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The first day of the Asung students at the University of South East Asian Nations
Date: 03/07/2014

Eager for flights from Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City to the bustling port city of Korea and bustle - TP. Busan, and finally, the students had arrived Asung Korea beautiful country. Admission to the Dong-A University on the occasion of the spring so you have the opportunity to experience and immerse themselves in the spring weather with buds and blooming buds.

Along stroll around the campus and began integration with the new learning environment.

The first meal on the country's cafeteria Korean Dong-A University

Procedures at the Institute for Language Education - Dong-A University

Asung wish their children to strive remarkable progress!

As of May 03/2014, students studying in Vietnam Dong-A University is 35 you, including different levels of education. Dong-A University has established Student Association Vietnam by Nguyen Tuan Anh as head of Association. This is one of the very strong associations in the city. Busan is particularly active in the same love and support each other.

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