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Estimated cost study and eat at when studying in South Korea
Date: 03/07/2014

For international students, the residence time in Korea, the most worth mentioning is perhaps tuition and living expenses. Cash account for the largest proportion of the full cost of study.

Estimated amount of funding to study outside of school, they must prepare the necessary permissions for activities such as for books, living expenses, transportation expenses, medical insurance, student activity fee, cleaning fee shake, ... In fact, depending on the area, schools, ways of living of individuals that have funds to study a big difference.



For pre-school, there is no difference between Korean and international students. In many universities have awarded scholarships for international students, were somewhat reduced economic burden. Schools are cheaper 4Years university system, public schools are also relatively cheaper than private schools.


Hostel fee depends on the school, area, number of residents and how to eat or not, but there are differences. Normally in cases not included eating and preparing it for school supplies like beds, telephone, Internet connection, desk chair ... the most $ 100-150 / 1 month. For residents, the problems have explained in detail in the 'student life - where in "in this site.

Presenting the budget under study here. But this number is only an average value profile of each school should be a little different.

Student tuition at South Korea

- Specialized University: $ 3,000-6,000 (1 year)

- Public University: $ 3.500-6.000 (1 year)

- Private university: $ 5.000-8.000 (1 year)

- Admission fee: $ 50 ~ $ 150

- Fee for foreign language training: 10 weeks: around $ 1000 ~ $ 1.400; 3 weeks: about $ 800

The cost of living while studying Korean

- Cash Dormitory: 4 people 1 room about $ 300 ~ $ 800 (first semester)

- Cash dorm depends on whether or not including meals.

- Meals: Approximately $ 300 (1 month, in the cafeteria) Cash 1 meal: $ 2.5 ~ $ 3

Monthly rental rooms-cook: Approximately $ 300 (1 month, deposit $ 3,000 ~ $ 5,000)

- Health Insurance: Approximately $ 20 - $ 30/1 month.

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