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Study in South Korea learning by doing or should export labor
Date: 03/07/2014

Currently, the Korean study had several advantages compared to international students for international students especially Vietnam. Besides learning more as well as a lot of factors that Vietnam students choose to study in Korea. So when you study Korean more how and what benefits?




Study in South Korea learning by doing


Apprenticeship opportunities to study in South Korea


Study in South Korea, you are learning by doing, is to make more time 4 - 6 h / day for the first semester. Salary 5-10 USD / hour. Time off for 1 year up to 3 months you can make 8h / day with an income of up to a few hundred million one year (not including overtime and holidays). If compared with the wages of labor export format, the student's salary may be higher. Unlike you join the labor export program is not free to choose the appropriate job and salary, students are free to choose jobs with a salary in accordance with their capabilities.


Opportunity to work after completing the program


Not only during the learning process in Korea (from 4 years to 6 years), after finishing school in Korea, you are allowed to stay in Korea no time limit if you sign a contract to work with local companies. As for the labor export program you are only allowed to live and work in Korea under the contract, if you are staying in the UK, you have become illegal residents will be pursued and deported to any country at any time.



Why study work study?


When you graduate schools in Korea will get you not only capital but also brought about a degree of value, while the export of labor you will have some capital in hand. Therefore, the path of your success will be higher than the export of labor you go back to Korea though at work or return to VN.


Therefore, the selection of study will facilitate more favorable for you in the future. Learning by doing while studying South Korea as well as how you will accumulate knowledge and experience to mature much later study process.



But please note that only the extra work to supplement their learning process better than okay.

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