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Selecting the center, an education company reputation
Date: 03/07/2014

Choosing an education unit reputation


Currently, studying abroad is one of the top concerns of many parents and students. With the desire to shorten the time to prepare paperwork and procedures required when applying for a student visa, many students came to the company or consulting organization for assistance.



An education center Korea


The center, prestigious company is licensed and fully operational offices in the obvious places, and less stable unchanged. Parents and students should consider carefully when to seek counseling centers appear in the season is the time to study, with no place conference rooms, reception space. In fact there are many centers, consulting firm to study student has declared bankruptcy after putting the first batch students abroad.


The center, an education company reputation often have close links with partner schools, regularly organizes seminars, exchange information directly with admissions representatives from colleges , undergraduate and graduate students in the country. The center introduces students to the school with clear information for parents and students can verify by searching for tuition and other fees on the website. Parents and students easily identify the center, consulting companies "phony" when counselors advise not clear on academic ability, financial capability of students that focus on promising success. Besides, the center, an education company that students often do not have a chance to talk directly with admissions representatives from abroad, is not accessible website, forum of alumni is also a very clear distinction.


Fee Schedule of the center, an education company reputation often provide very clear and detailed to students. When making the contract, the company will give an education to the students to keep a copy, together with a receipt stamped service fees stating full name and address of the company, registered in the Ministry of Public Security. Another important thing is that parents will pay tuition directly to the school done and not through the center, an education company. For the center, the company closed more mandatory fees (contribution to the building of the money ...), parents and students should thoroughly understand the types of fees that are actually collected and reasonable or not, and require receipts stamped, avoid counseling center "collection" and not transfer fees for schools.


Study is the season, the center offers many incentives, attractive promotions for students, student. However, parents and students should be careful with the promotion of an education center. Center, the prestigious consulting firm consultant is often clear that student fees should be paid and if the incentives will apply for each program and be clearly informed about the deadline. At the same time the company will continue to advise and support students in the next school year after students arrived in the country to study.


Currently there are many centers, consulting firms across the country to study issues and implement an education in many different countries, so closely associated with the international universities is very difficult. Therefore the center, an education company should select a national focus to concentrate human resources, finance, information to improve the quality of services for the benefit of students in Vietnam.

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