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Study in South Korea ear Gyeongsang National University
Date: 03/07/2014

* Conditions:


- Graduated high

- Studies on the 6.0 power

- Does not require language proficiency

(If you do not know the Korean language will be trained according to the schedule separately)


I. Introduction the school


Gyeongsang University (GNU) was formed in 1948 as a precursor of Agricultural University Jinju before. Gyeongsang is the largest in Korea and the region is rich in cultural history with many cultural sights.


Gyeongsang National University


University Gyeongsang National University is typical for the region up Gyeong South Korea with over 760 professors and more than 400 employees, more than 25,000 students with structure 3 spacious campus center and is approximately 1,652 km2 including many items, infrastructure and modern facilities to serve the teaching, learning and student accommodation for students. These training programs: Life Sciences, Department of Mechanical Engineering and aerospace, high-technology and nano materials are highly specialized Korea ranks 3rd.



The campus


Expected future GNU promote professional education with the goal of ranking the Top 10 in the world, after 2-3 years will stand in the top 10 nationally in all specialized fields. Currently schools are pushing science and technology transfer and application of the latest advances in teaching and research to improve the status on a par with the great universities of the world.


II. The training systems and training programs


Where have training systems: University and postgraduate

The training programs:

- Humanities and Social Sciences; - Natural Sciences; - Agriculture and Life Sciences; - Faculty of Law

- Social Sciences; - Faculty of Business Administration; - Veterinary Science; - Faculty of Engineering; - Faculty of Education

- Science Talent; - Marine Science; - Faculty of Medicine; - Faculty of Pharmacy