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Korea completely replace printed textbooks with e-books
Date: 08/07/2014

As countries are leading the world in technology and education, South Korea promised a pioneer in the complete elimination of the textbook (textbook) traditional print, replaced by e-books for 2015.


'Chemical Technology' school in South Korea.

To implement this project, South Korea accepted $ 2 billion investment to "digitize" paper textbooks in primary and secondary schools. Students will use the entire computer, and other digital devices to school.

Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and Korea Information Strategy Council President's plan and coordinate the implementation of "Smart Education Strategy", is scheduled for completion in 2014. Meanwhile, the whole post award will be presented on a computer, smartphone and tablet.

To achieve this goal, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology in South Korea will spend 2.23 trillion won (2.06 billion U.S. dollars) to build infrastructure and equipment needed equipment.

In addition, the Ministry is also promoting the development of online courses. Therefore, students do not necessarily have to go to school and still capture the entire school. Time "Online" will be recognized as the student was present in class.

Furthermore, the Korean government also plans to build wireless networks in all schools based on the principles of cloud computing systems. That is, students and teachers can use the material anywhere, even when the classroom or at home. This is part of a project "digitization" of Korean schools.

Currently, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, South Korea will not announce the exact number of devices used in this million dollar project, but potential candidates are still more tablet .

As many said, Samsung will be the main supplier of equipment to the project "Smart Education", namely the Galaxy Tab tablet.

However, this project of the Korean government faced no less controversial. Many people believe that e-books are not really as effective as paper books, not to mention the students to be neglected because of the entertainment functions of the tablet.

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