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Study in South Korea Dong-A University
Date: 03/07/2014

* Conditions:

- Graduated high

- Studies on the 6.0 power

- Does not require language proficiency

(If you do not know the Korean language will be trained according to the schedule separately)

Introduction of the school

School was established in 1946

- Includes: 3 zones Campus, 13 affiliated colleges, with 70 majors.

- Consists of 23,506 students (21,142 undergraduate students, 2,364 undergraduate students after; has 513 international students)

- There are 629 faculty members

- In cooperation with 132 exchanges in 22 countries and the existing students of 25 countries are attending

Dong-A University is proud reputation most private

Busan city center-the 2nd largest city of South Korea




With college formerly known as Dong-A was established since 1947, Dong-A University today is one of the famous universities in Korea in the field of social sciences and humanities and also is fundamental to the operation and development of the field until today. With the motto of education based on such humane, Dong-A university actually has created an environment for student learning extremely ideal because students not only hone thorough knowledge knowledge but also be equipped with life skills, moral education to the most comprehensive development in all aspects.

Education policy tight Dong-A University has contributed in no small part to the process of nation building in South Korea developed through the training of elite citizens. Not only that, Dong-A University also plays a great role in preserving the cultural identity of the country while South Korea is a major university in the field of teaching science and technology in Busan, South Korea. For more than 60 years of development, today's Dong-A university has become a private university with top quality Korean Vietnamese teaching pros with aggressive investment in infrastructure development material and modern infrastructure.


The campus

Currently, there are 13 schools under the university system and 10 graduate schools with over 19,000 students currently enrolled. At the same time, schools have signed cooperation exchanges with nearly 140 universities in the world. For example, three universities in Vietnam, 20 U.S. universities, nearly 40 Chinese universities, more than 30 universities in Japan and a number of universities in other countries as Venuzuela, Philippines, Germany , Russia, Italy, Singapore, Mongo, France ... in addition, the school also has special programs Injea training for students wishing to study on scholarship, foreign cultures, foreign language studies ...

University of Humanities


Provide guidance to students and have expert knowledge of the life and history of mankind, languages ​​and literatures a systematic, focused University humanities "human factor" is as creative thinking based on freedom, common sense and fairness.

Including the Faculty: Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Ethics, Faculty of History, Department of Archaeology and Art History, Literature and Language Korean Literature and English Language, Literature and Language German literature and languages ​​Chinese literature and Japanese language, Education faculty, Department of literary and artistic or scientific French culture.


Academy Library

University of Natural Sciences


Give students the system concept, the basic principles of the various phenomena in nature, helps students gain more logical thinking. At the same time, there is also a springboard for future young professionals working in the fields of industry, or information technology. In addition, the University of Natural Sciences will train experts in the fields of applied science, offshore resources in the fields of natural science.
Including the Faculty: Faculty of Mathematics, Faculty of Materials Management, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Biological and biomedical sciences.


College of Law


Provides students with the knowledge of the law relating to social sector. The curriculum focuses on the development of legal skills and problem solving with the law in specific cases. In addition, many schools also create ideal conditions for students to review in preparation for the national exam such as exam trial and enforcement officials.
Including the Faculty: Faculty of Law, Faculty of Law International Trade


College of Law

University of Social Sciences

The goal of the University of Social Sciences is to provide information about social phenomena including political, economic, administrative, structural and social interaction, to help students meet the requirements of employers in the era of globalization of information.
Including the Faculty: Faculty of Political Science and Foreign Affairs, Administrative Sciences, Department of Sociology, Faculty of Social Welfare, Media Journalism, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Credit


College of Business Administration


College of Business Administration is the University has advanced training programs in the fields of management, tourism management, international trade, statistical training applications ... Where the elite professionals, leader in the information age and globalization.

Including the Faculty: Faculty of Business Administration, Faculty of International Tourism Management, Department of International Trade, Department of Trade Information.


University of Life Sciences and Natural Resources


The University offers academic programs in the study of natural phenomena of life and biotechnology for students - one of the main industries of the 21st century.
Including the Faculty: Faculty of genetics, Department of Molecular Biotechnology, Faculty of Applied Biotechnology, Department of Biotechnology, Faculty of Biomedical Engineering.


University Industrial Engineering


Plays a leading role in the development of the country's industry, universities Industrial Engineering will train and nurture future engineers experienced, can adapt to real industrial environment minister , or the responsible engineer, to live and work for the community; engineers or scientists willing to assume the leading role in the application of technical and fundamental technology advanced.


Includes departments: civil engineering department, Faculty of Urban Planning, Department of Landscape Architecture, Faculty of Environmental Technology, Department of Energy Technology and Mineral Resources, Department of Architectural Technology, Manufacturing Sciences , Department of systems Engineering industrial Management, Faculty of electrical Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, computer Engineering Department, Faculty of Science and materials Technology, Faculty of Chemical Technology.


University Sports


University sport training and coaching students to become athletic sport athlete talent can compete in sports competitions.
Including the Faculty: Faculty of Physical Education, Sports Science Training, Department of Recreational Sports, Department of Dance, Military Science, Taekwondo.


University of the Arts


The objective is the exchange of young talent capable of contributing to society and the country, by teaching both the theory and techniques practiced not only in the field of pure art, including art and music, but also in applied arts necessary for industrialized society.

Including the Faculty: Faculty Painting (Korean painting, Western painting), Science Technology (furniture, ceramics), Department of Sculpture, Faculty of Music, Faculty of Music application.


In addition, Dong-a University, there are other affiliated universities such as University Architecture - Design and Fashion, College of Medicine, University of Life Sciences and the Faculty - under quite multi-sector form.