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Korean scholarship "Laboratory"
Date: 08/07/2014

Korean scholarship "Laboratory", a scholarship opportunity postgraduate completely new to Vietnamese students: In addition to the scholarship funds from official sources (governments, universities ...) , in Korea there is one type of scholarship "Laboratory" (also called scholarship "lab" scholarship "Professor"). The essence of this scholarship is what? How to apply How?

Korean scholarship "Laboratory" is what?

Financial revenues of the Laboratory (Lab) mainly in South project. Depending reputation and experience, as well as their relationships, that the GS could get government projects, associations, or most commonly from the company. Revenues from the project, the GS will allocate different amounts, including one paragraph devoted to salaries for researchers, and provide scholarships for students, including tuition fees and living expenses .

Why is there this kind of scholarship?

Unlike universities in VN, each department in South divide into specialized laboratories have different narrow the official payroll is only a GS. Everything about the sort of laboratory teaching their subjects, the distribution of project implementation, allocation of financial resources for laboratory chemicals, machinery, equipment ... are decided by GS. To help yourself, GS selection and admission of postgraduate students (graduate students, graduate students, researchers and practitioners working in the laboratory).

However, the current general situation of the laboratory in South Korea is the number of school students to graduate programs is declining, leading to the learners do not have laboratory. Accordingly, the GS is to receive the students, just to meet human needs in their laboratories, while also satisfying the needs of the higher education of foreign students.

How to get scholarship "lab"?

It was found that the students receive scholarships under laboratory entirely dependent on GS, do not undergo some form of review as the other scholarships. GS will be the sponsor, play full tuition, rent and living expenses grant money for students. Since GS accept your case, then just about enough time for the admission procedures, entry .. is that you were able to study Korean lines.

There is no one uniform standard for this form of scholarships, because it totally depends on the GS. Conditions required documents are not very strict about qualifications, grades, English (degree not required). However, one very important point is to have referrals. The introduction of this was that GS might know, such as teachers in universities in VN that GS has ever seen, but today is primarily the VN student has been enrolled at the school, in science that Professor teaching. It is these students you will be the most effective bridge to transfer this scholarship resources to you in VN.

Can confirm that potential sources of scholarship in Korea is very big laboratory. VN SV problem is still not really full information about scholarships to study Korean. There are many different ways to find information: from the notice of the university in VN; from the site of the Korean universities, students choose their majors according to GS and direct contact. However, the most effective way is through the students have been studying in South Korea.

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