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Many scholarships in Korea
Date: 04/07/2014

With the advantage of close, tuition fees and living expenses lower, South Korea is gradually attracting students from countries in the region.


School inputs easy but high quality


Mr. Sang Ki Chung - Director of the Institute of International Education Korea National said: "In Korea, university system is divided into three categories: international university set up by the government, public university by the unions themselves local political establishment and the private University established by legal entities ".

Ryuk Kyewon professor, researcher of the Institute of Education International Education Korea National advice: "The quality of universities and colleges in Korea, depending on the particular case, rather than on public or private. But the most noticeable difference of the two systems is the tuition rate. Private school tuition rate will be higher than 1.5 to 2 times higher than public schools. Meanwhile, private schools learning environment much better and when input is easier. "


Public universities also offer scholarships


Each year, the Government of Korea from 600-700 scholarships for students (SV) abroad to study here. The value of an undergraduate scholarship for 5 years (1 year Korean) $ 100,000, with a masters degree and PhD 3 years, about 60000-70000 dollars. However, according to Professor Changyun Jeong, Project Leader Korean national scholarships, more information: To encourage international students to study in this country, the Korean government has preferential regime for financial international Students and schools receive. This primary schools to find ways to attract students with scholarships mode. Thus, each of the schools have policies Korean scholarships for foreign students to learn, depending on the discipline and the conditions of the scholarship students will be approximately 30% to 100% ".


Average cost of living level of students (2010)


With scholarships granted by the South Korean government, besides other criteria, students are required to complete the foreign language input is Korean. With scholarship program by the school, can input English language or Korean, if qualified Korean Topik level 3 (intermediate level and above) SV can be reduced from 30-50% when school fees in some cases. In particular, the process for scholarships if students demonstrate academic obvious reasons, the scholarship opportunity will be very high.


University tuition rate program for 4 years (2010)


Dr. Nguyen Ba Hai, a lecturer at the HCM City University of Technical Teachers, who receive scholarships and graduate high school in South Korea, said: "When choosing a school should be based primarily on the capacity of so that you can choose any kind of scholarship (government scholarships, scholarship project, professor scholarships, tuition scholarships only ...). Then the favorite disciplines, so that selected schools fit where the strength of the industry there. For postgraduate scholarship programs are equally important factor is his guidance counselor. "According to Dr. Hai experience, to have extra income, students are able to do another 20 hours of the day from Monday to Friday, weekends are no time restrictions.


As of 2010, South Korea has attracted 85,000 students in learning. In particular, the number of students VN stand in 5th place with 1,900 after Japan, China, Mongolia ...

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