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Korean Government Scholarship
Date: 04/07/2014

Korean Ministry of Education offers a scholarship program for international students from countries where South Korea has bilateral cultural agreements.


The scholarship includes:


- Tickets

- Cost of Living

- School fees

- Research Grants

- Subsidies stable life

- Relocation allowance,

- Costs of language training

- Thesis printing costs

- Health Insurance ...

The foreign students have received this scholarship contributions task trying to strengthen the friendship and ties with South Korea in various fields such as education, informal exchanges with enterprises worldwide .


Field study


- Korean school

- Humanities

- Social Sciences

- Natural sciences and other fields.

According course: Master, PhD, Postgraduate Research




- The scholarship is necessarily a citizen of the country where water Korea bilateral cultural agreements.

- Age of the scholarship, up to ninth year of the scholarship must be under 40 years of age.

Note: course not limited studies of age.

- The scholarship must be healthy mentally as well as physically.

- He attended high school courses and research (before 31/8 school year applying) must have a university degree or are in timeout received.

- The key according to have doctoral or master's degree during his master's degree.

- Transcripts must be pretty good as 20% while at school last attended.

- Can communicate freely in English or Korean.

- The study shall endeavor to strengthen the friendly relations between the two countries.

- The key according to research before entering Korea must be licensed by the authorities as one of the Korea Research Institute, the University or the relevant agencies of South Korea.

- Each scholarship is only allocated once.




On the basis of a referral from the State Government Scholarship, Korean diplomatic missions in the host country will select preliminary candidates.

Records also related papers of the candidates is the Korean diplomatic missions selected will be sent to the Institute for International Education Development through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of South Korea.

The selection of candidates will be conducted at Examination Council Fellowship from the National Institute for International Education Development. Embassy of South Korea after receiving notice will send a certificate to the selected candidates.

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