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Korean Education
Date: 03/07/2014

South Korea's education system (HQ) - simulating the model of American education - that education quality and prestige in Asia. Currently, more and more students, students who wish to Vietnam HQ learning.



The education system


General education:


General education system of Korea has three levels: Level I (primary) consists of six years; secondary (junior high school - junior high) and three years of high school (high school - high school) for three years.

HQ divide schools into categories from the high school level, including: education and vocational training generally. After graduating from secondary school, students have two choices. A high school is possible to follow the general program, two are at the vocational school. HS wants to vocational schools (with the specialized agriculture, engineering, business and maritime research ...) to pass the exam.

Another highlight is the HQ of education schools coordinate HS boys and girls are very small (only about 10% of the schools). However, the agreed program for male students and female students.

The goal of education is to develop high-level abilities and personality, promote strength, willpower peoples, strengthening the knowledge and skills to prepare for future jobs, promote self-determination, spirit of independence and critical thinking, to prepare healthy, ready to come into society.

Each academic year is divided into two HQ semester. A period extending from March to July, a second term from September to February next year. HS HQ have both summer and winter holidays in a year. In Korea, students from morning to evening school and have lunch at school.

Mon informatics pretty focused at HQ. Since late 2000, the school was equipped with computers for students at a high rate is 17.4 HS / PC. Students can revise, college prep with computer software or through the site for learning.

Another priority of education for the school HQ is in English - a compulsory subject from primary school.

Although the courses are the same focus, but can be seen, the social sciences in the educational programs of the HQ very rich, including historical, political, social, economic, cultural HQ and the world ... All are managed by the Ministry of Education on national unity. Systems of social science program was changed 10 years / times. 2000 is the seventh HQ this program change, with new criteria: developing democratic citizens.

Humanities courses are highly valued in education HQ. In 1995, the government's report on education called HQ Pictures HQ in 21khang the century: "The curriculum humanities encourage students to become world citizens." This means that students must have a broad vision of the world to understand diverse cultures and traditions of other countries, are sensitive to environmental issues ...

Looking to the future, which is the goal of modern education in Korea. Along with the development of economy, people are trying to make HQ the best conditions for the training of the younger generation.


Higher education:


In addition to the undergraduate program (University) for four years (college and university specialized synthesis), the University also taught on university programs to doctorate. Besides the professional colleges and vocational schools ... with 2-3 year program.


Conditions Korean study


Students want to study abroad HQ must meet two standards of academic and financial.

First of all students have to find yourself a suit case and the ability to apply for enrollment. When there's universities based on enrollment records will assess the financial ability, academic ability of applicants for admission to recruit qualified persons.

Records relating to academic ability include: application form; high school diploma (college applicants); University degree (graduate school applicants); school transcripts at last; referral (including a paper by Professor); Korean-language proficiency test or TOEFL English language learning plan; table introducing ourselves; award or performance has won in the final festival or competition necessary for admission (to HS world of sports - the artist).

Documents related to financial problems for the self-study abroad include: the sponsor's account in the amount of $ 10,000 or $ 10,000 on a switch to HQ; financial guarantors have the same nationality with the applicant and employment certificate or registration certificate owners; the taxpayer asset tracking; paper financial guarantee commitments (along with my application).

Where the scholarship must have a certificate will be awarded scholarships. In case of exchange-sponsored study among university students should have: a referral from the certificate principal and academic exchange.


Cost estimates for schooling in South Korea


Normally to college with the social sciences and humanities, natural sciences, economics, engineering, architecture, construction, art ... students must achieve level 6 of Korean (a learning year in Korea). HQ universities have courses in Korean. Average tuition courses in Korean about $ 2,160 / year, the University between 1800-2500 USD / year. Meals, on average $ 2,500 / year.

Students will have many choices of universities in major cities of Korea as Seoul, Busan, Ansan, Daegu, Teajon ... Estimated cost range of 4000-5000 USD / year.

In addition, students also have to pay a health insurance premium.

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