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How to overcome difficulties when studying Korean
Date: 03/07/2014

Experience in Korea


The study abroad has many advantages but also difficulties. Through the experiences of siblings studying at an education company Asung, the unforeseen difficulties is essential so that you can easily pass and focus on learning. Here is the real truth about how to share life and solve problems for students, something that every student should learn and prepare to study abroad.



Language barriers


The majority of pupils passing Vietnam would meet Korean study is the first barrier in language. Almost all living things, learning to use daily are in Korean. Moreover, in some places people use a lot of local people and the voice of relatively little hard to hear. Thus, the language will be the first factor and very important for students to be able to quickly integrate into a new environment.

Advice: When the last Korean students studying abroad you must try to prepare as soon as possible about the Korean language in Vietnam. If you have more time to prepare for the exam should topik refresher, when topik level 3 qualifications or above is eligible to enroll in specialized universities. If you do not have much time to prepare, they should be equipped with at least the basic ability to hear, when filing center Asung they will learn within 180 'weather and lasts from 3-6 months Asung Center before flying to South Korea. Of course you will be equipped with the teacher the most basic knowledge of the language, and the learning experience living in Korea.


Trouble majored


In addition, the majority of the subjects were educated with Korean students, this may be a disadvantage for students entering majors. As in most classes are college students so teachers will lecture to say relatively fast speed, making the lecture and absorb relatively difficult for foreign students.



Advice: For almost all subjects will be taught in Korean, so even in their early years learning to try to achieve a good education is the factor least level 3 qualification in Korean. Known academic year is evaluation period is the most important and will determine the learning abilities of the children in the next year. So, take advantage of maximum resistance this time and focus on learning to have a solid foundation.


Barriers of family, emotional


Living away from home, especially in a foreign country is not easy. Especially during the first 2-3 months time, the distant family and friends will cause a depressing feeling, which can lead to stress and wanted to quit. Living with friends from many different countries, the language barrier and culture can sometimes lead to some misunderstanding. Thus, the difficulties experienced in the early stages will need a lot of tries from the students themselves.

Advice: Dynamic and proactive solution would be for this time period. They have quickly become familiar with all the new friends who will help her Korean friends improve Korean as well as quick adaptation to new habitats. Let's build more relationships with friends, and active participation in the movement of the school, team activities, ... This time, like a big challenge for you to study birth, if you will pass quickly integrate and feel loved studying in South Korea.


Financial barriers


There is a problem that any student studying abroad must also always interested and deliberation is money. Pricing escalating, while Vietnam has devalued money, the expenses must be spent carefully calculated real and parsimonious, if not highly susceptible to the budget deficit.

Advice: Use a pre-planned manner. In addition, try to find a good academic scholarships for the school's scholarship amount may be more than the amount of overtime vehemently. But if the arrangement is a reasonable time, you should also do more. This is how you become more mature and understand the working life like?

This is the most difficult initially but as you often encounter students. But you try and believe in yourself. Wish you good learning!

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