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To hire a good hostel while studying Korean
Date: 03/07/2014

Rental accommodation is always a top concern of the students at the beginning of the path to study in kimchi. The secret of accommodation in the Korean study below will help you have the necessary knowledge that any students who should know.

Typically universities in Korea have dormitory for international students. However, the number of seats in the dorm is limited, further work collectively with people living in the same environment is not something everyone is adapting. So there are many students choose to find a place outside and apartments in residential areas to live.


International students studying in South Korea


Find information inns where many questions you must be the most questions. First, priority information from acquaintances who live in Korea or from the students come first. You can go to the forums of students in Korea to Vietnam to learn and distill information from those who have experience.

Without the familiar or useful information that you want to rent at the inn, you can search through a real estate broker. Once through this company, they will help you prepare the necessary paperwork to find the signed rental agreement. And of course you have to pay a commission to the company. But you should also learn to forget about that company before making a decision "to recommend" okay.

If you want to rent after South Korea, you can also view information on the flyers or sugar paste on information reported in the bazaar area and then to take place and to see the deal price with the landlord.


In Korea, there are two types of tenancy form is "Jeon-se" and "Wo-LSE", namely:


- Jeon-se is a form of lease rental agreement can make deposits and long-term contracts at expiration you will receive a full refund of deposit that

- Wol-se is a form of rent per month. After paying the first deposit and then monthly pay certain taxes.

Depending on your financial capabilities as well as the future plans that you can choose one of two forms on rent.


Considerations when renting accommodation in Korea for international students


- Direct check-equipped indoor surroundings and the need to hire and accommodation When in Korea. You should not believe the advertising and referrals that come to see directly and carefully checked in and out of the house and then decide whether to hire or not.

- Know exactly see who the host is and must sign a contract directly with the landlord, avoid signing contracts with existing tenants in the house, after about homeowners not accept this contract and not pay it back deposit. You can also ask homeowners see the papers verifying their ownership of the house to avoid the hassle later.

- When renting student accommodation in Korea to know the exact weight hire home owners who can check the registration book. You can register directly to the Department asking for information or receive information over the internet to check the name, address, and area of ​​the rental balance financial situation, first of all the debt .. Can you see quite annoying complex and not necessary but will help you check off the "sticky traps" of fraudulent lenders.

- Korea signed a contract of 10% deposit, the rest of you make an agreement with the landlord to pay the day you moved to. Pay attention to keeping your bill.


- When writing contracts and accommodation in Korea need to check information such as:


+ Home address in contract coincides with the address specified in the information on the registration book not

+ Available contracting right

+ Payday signed contracts, deposits, payments between the first period and the remaining

+ Contract term

+ Both the lessee and the lessor shall personally sign and seal

Contract + 3 copies, one to keep the landlord, a tenant, and keep a copy for the witness (possibly real estate company)

- After you move in, you need to "east-sa-mu-number", a similar agency in Vietnam UBNH ward to switch back to the register. Then stamp, date moved to in the contract. As if each can get back the deposit in the event of trouble.

Hopefully, Recipes and accommodation in South Korea while studying abroad will help you better position to find a suitable place, the best services for their own learning process.


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